I do custom work and consultation for a select clientele. These services include:


  • Costume Design & Consultation for Theatre, Dance, Creative Photoshoots, Advertising etc. 
  • Prototyping & garment pattern development
  • Custom print design for a variety of textiles, products, projects
  • Concept sketching
  • Custom Design and creation for performance costume, custom bridal, Cosplay, historical costume, special occasion, wearable tech, stage wear and what have you.

I prefer projects that are creative, challenging and that offer me the opportunity to explore new ideas, techologies and techniques. If you are interested in custom work please review the following before contacting me. 


Thank you!



Are you ready for a custom costume?


Do you need this by a specific date? 

Do you want it good, cheap or fast?  You only get to pick 2.


Good & Fast = not so Cheap


If you want a really amazing costume designed and made in under two months.


Good & Cheaper = not so Fast


Most of these projects fall into my research & development category. 

I spend a long time making them and work on them in between other projects.

In order for me to consider taking on something like this there needs to be something in it for me like:

  • An amazing photoshoot
  • Some great PR
  • A collaboration with an incredible dancer, performer or band etc.



You should have a rough budget in mind.


The more complex and detailed a costume is the more expensive it will be.


Be prepared to give me a deposit to cover the cost of materials. 


Be realistic!


Custom work is expensive, it is made for you. It is like buying a piece of art!


I need to know

What do you want the costume for and how long will you usually be wearing it? 


  • Full day  
  • a number of hours - please specify
  • or a performance - please specify


If you are performing in it:

  • what kind of movements/performance?
  • Onstage?
  • Under lights?
  • Outside?
  • Inside?
  • Do you need to quick change into or out of your costume?
  • Do you have any allergies?  IMPORTANT!


Are you prepared to hand wash and hang dry or Dry Clean your costume?


Just like your favourite jeans eventually wear out your costume will do the same. 

It needs to be properly cared for, cleaned and maintained.

Zippers may have to be replaced, buttons may have to be sewn on, holes will need patching, seams may have to be restitched. 

Are you prepared to do this or are you prepared to pay someone else to do this?


How often do you expect do wear your costume?

  • Daily/weekly for performance
  • Once in awhile for Cosplay conventions
  • Other - please specify i.e.. Wedding, special occasion


How important is comfort? on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being most important.

How important are looks? on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being most important.

Which would you rather sacrifice (choose 1 or 2)

  • looks for comfort 
  • comfort for looks


Are you a 

  • hot person - easily break a sweat 
  • cold person - takes a lot to break a sweat


Are you wanting any special fx such as hidden pockets, LED’s, EL wire, robotics, animatronics?


Any other special considerations? Please describe.

Are you doing stunt work? Please describe.

Are you working with fire? Please describe.

Are you performing magic tricks? Please describe.


Type of costume or costume piece


What kind of costume or costume piece do you want? 

Please specify color, character, theme, historical period etc.

Please provide visual references.


I can design something specifically for you but I do need a starting point. 

Try and find some photographs or pictures of fabrics, colours, textures or costumes that appeal to you.



Break down the costume in component parts i.e.. mask, headdress, corset, leggings, boot covers, cape etc.



I will work with you to create a concept sketch or sketches of how you will look in the outfit.


What kind of size are you? Height/ Chest/ Waist/ Hip


Please provide photos of you Front, Back, and side in form fitting clothing against a neutral background. These are very useful for creating a costume to suit your body type.





Depending on the complexity of the project this can be via email, Skype or phone.

You tell me what you want to spend, what kind of costume, what you need it for and when etc.


Concept development:

I take all the information you have given me to determine the best approach and materials for creating your custom costume.



This is when I usually do an estimate of materials and labor. If you are good to go I then require a deposit up front. 



This is usually half the full estimate by e-transfer direct into my account.



Based on the information I receive from you I create a concept sketch showing you in the costume that you will then approve before moving forward.


I like to have front/side/back photos of clients with a neutral background wearing close fitting clothing so I can get a good idea of body type.



I need detailed measurements - I prefer to take these myself but I can guide you through the process if you are not local.

You cannot take your own measurements - you must have someone else take them for you!



I will draft or drape a pattern using your measurements.

Depending on the complexity of the outfit I will often create a muslin mockup or in the case of armour a cardboard mockup.

Sometimes I will take a cast of the face or other body parts to help with creating a custom fit. I try and do this when I get your measurements.



Most costumes will have 1-3 fittings depending on complexity. 


Final Delivery:

Full payment is due on final delivery of your costume.

I prefer e-transfer direct into my account.