Angela Dale - Costume Designer and Artist



I do custom work for a select clientele. These projects include performance costume, custom bridal, Cosplay, historical costume, special occasion, wearable tech, stage wear and what have you. I prefer projects that are creative, challenging and that offer me the opportunity to explore new techologies and techniques. If you are interested in custom work please review the following before contacting me. 


Thank you!



Are you ready for a custom costume?


Do you need this by a specific date? 


What kind of budget do you have? 


Is this costume for Cosplay, Performance, Advertising or?


Will you be wearing a mic pack?


Do you have any allergies or issues regarding certain materials?


How long will you be wearing your costume? - All day or just an hour or two?


Will you have help dressing or will you be dressing yourself?


Do you need to quick change into or out of your costume?


What are you doing in your costume?


Will you be inside or outside or both?


How important is comfort vs. looks?


Are you willing to hand wash/dry clean your costume? 

In order for your costume to look the best you must maintain it properly on a regular basis.


Please specify color, character, theme, historical period, type of performance etc. and provide visual references.


You should have an idea of what you want - I can design something specifically for you but I do need a starting point.


What kind of size are you? Height/ Chest/ Waist/ Hip


Photos of you Front, Back, and side in form fitting clothing against a neutral background are very useful for creating a costume to suit your body type.


Think about all the costume pieces you will be needing from head to toe and make a list.

Don’f forget accessories and jewelry and props if needed.


Are you wanting any special fx such as hidden pockets, LED’s, EL wire, robotics, animatronics?


Any other special considerations? Are you doing stunt work? Are you working with fire? Are you performing magic tricks? etc



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